COLUMBIA - Starting a business has its obstacles, and the pandemic only adds to the stress.

COLUMBIA- It’s been one week since the opening of Crumbl Cookies on Conley Avenue. Beverly Davis and her husband started taking steps to open over a year ago.

“It was a process, but by the time we were just about to get started, that’s when the pandemic started,” Davis said. “It slowed us down quite a bit.”

Davis said the biggest problem she had to deal with was their loan. She and her husband had to do more paperwork in order to show they would be able to pay it off.

“It was a scare for the financial aspect of it,” Davis said.

After Davis moved past that obstacle, more issues popped up.

Crumbl Cookies HR Manager, Jamie Simmons, said staffing isn’t consistent when employees need to stay home for COVID-19 related reasons.

“We’ve had some concerns, and we encourage anybody that has those concerns to definitely stay at home,” Simmons said. “If they have been in contact with someone that tested positive, we encourage them to definitely let us know.”

Davis and Simmons want the employees to feel safe when coming into work. That means taking every concern seriously and taking on extra responsibilities when employees stay home.

There are other obstacles that Davis has to deal with aside from those that come with COVID-19.

A delivery option in Columbia hasn’t been added to the Crumbl Cookies website yet. The store uses DoorDash for deliveries until corporate adds the Columbia location to their website.

“They’re still working on that, and I’m hoping that it’ll be just another couple of weeks. Hopefully,” Davis said.

Davis also has to deal with competition from other cookie businesses, and she said she is just going to focus on her own business and products.

Davis has taken on each obstacle since opening up the store and plans to deal with any others that are bound to happen in the future.