COLUMBIA - Dry ice is in high demand as the COVID-19 vaccine is expected to make its way to mid-Missouri in the coming days. 

Dry ice is a major factor in making sure these vaccinations work. Both vaccinations need to be kept at certain temperatures.

Pfizer’s vaccination needs to be colder than negative 70 degrees in order for their vaccination to work effectively. Pfizer has already created specialized storage containers they are calling “pizza boxes” to store their vaccine.

Unlike Pfizer, Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccination needs to be stored at negative degrees. Their vaccination can last up to six months at this temperature and can be at room temperature for up to 30 days.

Dry ice is available at multiple businesses in the Boone County area.

Buy MO Dry Ice is a source for dry ice that reaches out to all surrounding cities and states. All of their dry ice is made to order same day and is delivered in any container and size.

“When the pandemic first started, a lot of food companies and shipping places were all needing dry ice,” Steven Neubauer, an inside sales employee at Buy Mo Dry Ice, said. “Then, once the vaccine was released, we were confident again, knowing that we'd be able to supply these guys in hot spots, hospitals and healthcare centers.”

Like Buy MO Dry Ice, Tiger Ice is another source for dry ice in the area. Tiger Ice can also ship their dry ice upon request, with delivery time varying on the quantity needed.

Availability for dry ice is becoming scarce with the high demand for it. On top of the Christmas season, these two vaccines need dry ice as much as any other companies.

“Liquid CO2 [carbon dioxide] shortage is kind of wreaking havoc with our supply throughout the fall, and it's really kind of coming to a head right now, with all the shipping that's happening,” Andy Jira, owner of Tiger Ice, said. “Because of this, the supply chain has been so messed up. We've had to go outside of that to get extra ice for our customers.”

The two companies are confident that they will be able to supply dry ice for the vaccines once they arrive in mid-Missouri.

With enough supply for the vaccines, both companies plan on supplying the hospitals and medical facilities as quick as they can.

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