JEFFERSON CITY – The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) along with the Missouri Developmental Disabilities Council has released a new resource, the “Missouri Plain Language Guide for People with Disabilities, their Families and Caregivers,” on COVID-19 and the vaccine.

With this partnership, the new guide will help ensure that important information about COVID-19 and vaccine access is more accessible to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and others with disabilities affecting reading, comprehension and other cognitive functions.

Cathy Enfield, Chairperson and Self-Advocate, Missouri Developmental Disabilities Council highlighted in a press release two important goals of the partnership.

“After reading this new Missouri Plain Language Guide, I was very impressed with two very important things: 1) the amount of important and vitally necessary information that it contains; and 2) how plain and understandable the format is, that was used to present it, without diluting any of the valuable information that it conveys to the reader. I believe that this will prove to be a very valuable tool for persons with disabilities and many others”.

Vicky Davidson, Executive Director, Missouri Developmental Disabilities Council also highlighted the importance of the partnership and getting information out about COVID-19. 

“There is so much information available about COVID-19 and vaccines, that it could be hard to navigate through the information," Davidson said. "We value the collaboration with DHSS, to provide accurate information in a plain language format that is accessible to so many who experience disabilities. We look forward to continuing this important work to ensure the disability community has information to make decisions about their health."