Staff members at Forum 8 are looking ahead to a busy Memorial Day weekend.

COLUMBIA – As Memorial Day weekend approaches, the Forum 8 movie theater is preparing for large crowds. 

But, the venue remains at 50% capacity and continues to follow Boone County guidelines. 

"We're expecting the best weekend we have had since we reopened in August of 2020," said Wesley Halsey, Forum 8 general manager.

Halsey explained that the theater is getting newer content for the holiday weekend. 

"It's really more about the content we are getting sent," he said. "This weekend there is a lot better content coming out."

Staffing has remained a priority for the theater over the last several months. 

"We are trying to staff up the best we can," Halsey said. 

Business is picking up for the theater as COVID-19 restrictions are going away. 

"As the weeks go on business does pick up every week," said Randi Anderlik, a shift manager at Forum 8.

Several residents have already been out to the movies multiple times. 

"I was ready, sitting at home, and watching a movie on TV is not the same," said Michelle Wiley, a movie fan from Columbia.

Workers have mixed feelings about the upcoming busy weekend.

"I'm really excited," Anderlik said.