Missouri farmers prepare for this week's cold snap, but not all plants can be covered

The expected low temperatures can damage and even ruin Missouri crops. A frost this late in the season can have detrimental effects for upcoming harvests. 

Paul Weber is the co-owner of Three Creeks Farm and Forest in Ashland. On Monday, Weber and his co-owner Emily Wright began covering the farm's produce crops. The farmers used wire hoops and cloth to create insulation for the field plants.

Orion Beckmeyer is another mid-Missouri farmer in Ashland. He's the president of Beckmeyer Vineyards. His vineyard, unlike Three Creeks, cannot be as easily protected from the cold weather. 

"We're hoping we don't get the weather they're predicting because all the fruits and strawberries are in full bloom right now," Beckmeyer said. "In the vineyard, if the leaves freeze over well that's going to hurt quite a bit." 

MU's social justice coordinators will be out in department shakeup; students protest

Coordinators at MU’s Department of Social Justice centers were told last week their positions would no longer exist as of July 1, part of what an administrator called a “restructuring” and “reimagining” of the department.

The overhaul will see the department move away from individually functioning centers focused on providing specific resources to students to a “collective” and “community” focus. MU will conduct open searches to fill new positions in place of the currently existing coordinator roles. The physical resource center spaces will remain on campus.

Meanwhile, at least 100 MU students gathered on campus Monday morning to protest the personnel changes after whirlwind of social media activity.

Church raises more than $670,000 to provide utility debt relief to Columbia families

The Crossing shared Sunday that they raised $674,121 in a 12 day fundraiser. The church announced on Easter Sunday their goal to raise $400,000 to help those struggling financially in the community.

The funds will be split in three different ways, all working toward short-term and long-term financial relief for those in need.

According to The Crossing's pastor Keith Simon, $202,744.26 was used to eliminate the utility disconnect list in Columbia. $197,225.74 will be put toward paying off utility debt for those just one step away from being disconnected. The remaining $274,121 will be used for long-term aid to people in similar financial situations through Love Columbia, a local non-profit.

Lake Regional offers businesses vaccination clinics

Lake Regional Occupational Medicine will allow businesses, who want to provide their employees access to the COVID-19 vaccine, to schedule vaccination clinics.

Businesses must have 30 or more employees to schedule a clinic at the place of business. If a business has fewer than 30 employees, Lake Regional Occupational Medicine can schedule vaccination clinics at a nearby Lake Regional clinic.

To schedule a clinic or for more information, including the administration fee, contact Rachel Bailey at 573-348-8045.

Forecast: Late-season snow Tuesday, hard freeze Wednesday morning

Snow will begin in Columbia and Jefferson City between 6am-9am, leading to reduced visibility as large, wet snowflakes fall. 

Temperatures will slowly warm through the morning and rain will begin to mix into the snowfall, especially for areas south of I-70. 

By afternoon, most snow will have exited central Missouri and will mix with slightly warmer air over southern Missouri turning the snow showers to a mix of snow and rain.

Snowfall amounts will be fairly minimal in most locations due to warm ground temperatures. Roads should remain in fair shape, but a few slushy spots are possible, especially on bridges and overpasses. 

Brief minor accumulations will be possible on elevated surfaces such as grassy surfaces and decks. Northwestern parts of the viewing area (Including Columbia, Boonville, Moberly and Brunswick) could see as much as 1-3" of snowfall.

Amounts will be around an inch or less for areas that are mainly south of Highway 50 & east of Highway 63. 

Travel issues should be limited, but you will need to use caution. Brief slushy spots are possible on roadways when moderate to heavy snow falls. Slick spots are possible bridges and overpasses.

Slow down and allow yourself a few extra minutes to get where you need to go. 

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