COLUMBIA- With the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine being pulled from use in the United States, some in Mid-Missouri could be feeling the effects. 

The Columbia - Boone County Health Department said they were hoping to use the Johnson & Johnson in order to vaccinate certain populations in the county. 

"We think it would be beneficial for vaccinating like our homeless population or those in the jail, but you know we may have to wait on that or use other vaccines," said Ashton Day, Health Educator for the Boone County Health Department. 

An MU Health Care doctor says that having the Johnson & Johnson vaccine can help with making things easier. 

"So the Johnson & Johnson certainly does have the benefit of not needing ultra cold storage it can be stored in the refrigerator and is a single dose," said Dr. Day. 

The Columbia Salvation Army shelter recently vaccinated people with Pfizer, but used Johnson & Johnson in Jefferson City. 

"It was nice to know okay you're one and you're done, and we are not having to track and you're not having to worry about coming back in," said Lori Benson, Regional Director for Community Relations for Salvation Army. 

The Salvation Army is holding a clinic for people to get their second shot in Columbia on April 14th. 

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