COLUMBIA- Last week's winter weather caused delays in vaccine shipments for several mass vaccine clinics. The delay forced clinics to cancel vaccine appointments.

KOMU 8 visited Postal & Sign Express to ask some of its customers who were shipping off packages if they experienced any cancellations of their vaccine appointment.

Walter Johnson-Gerard was set to get his second vaccine dose in Mexico, but had his appointment canceled because of the weather. He's currently waiting to hear back from the clinic or find a spot somewhere else. 

"It was disappointing, but you know it is what it is, you know we have to live with the weather and the supply and all of that," Johnson-Gerard said. "We're anxious. We have a grandson. It's not quite near Chicago that we want to go visit him. We need to get fully vaccinated before we can go see him." 

Johnson-Gerard said he hopes more people get the vaccine soon so everyone is better off.

Another local resident, David Black, hopes the second dose appointment isn't canceled again.

"My hope is and my expectation is that we manage to thread the needle because I know getting vaccines through have been difficult, but the weather has broken," Black said. "So my hope is that we will be able to get our vaccine on time and on schedule."

Black said he's looking forward to the couple of weeks after his vaccine to not worry quite as much about getting COVID-19. 

"We've been doing this for a year, so you know, a week or two delays is not going to be the end of the world," Black said. "You've got to be patient with this."

MU Health Care confirmed that it is still waiting on the confirmation of vaccine shipments. Until it's confirmed, their vaccine clinics are postponed. 

Some mid-Missouri clinics have been rescheduled. You can take a look at those here.

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