COLUMBIA  - June 1 marks the day of mask changes in Boone County.

City of Columbia and Boone County buildings will no longer require masks and social distancing. Masks will still be required on public transportation and inside of the Columbia/Boone County Public Health Services building.

The University of Missouri will not require social distancing or masks indoors. According to an announcement from the University of Missouri Office of the President, the university will switch from "required for all" to "recommended based on vaccination status and situation."

Additionally, events at the University of Missouri will no longer need to be approved through Incident Commands.

Columbia College will "relax [their] mask mandate at [their] locations for all fully vaccinated people," according to the college's "Student Q&A" site.

3 days later, on June 4, CPS won't require masks on school buses and inside of their buildings.

Some Mid-Missourians are excited and ready for this change. Donald Hill, Columbia resident said he thinks this will bring people together rather than apart.

"What it does is help the people to come out and feel more relaxed, it's just like it was when they didn't have to wear a mask." 

Others feel nervous about the shift. Ashwini Mantrala, Columbia resident, said he's apprehensive but hopes the recommendation causes an increase in vaccinations.

"There's a certain amount of initial trepidation that we all have, but hopefully this encourages people to get vaccinated," Mantrala said. 

One University of Missouri student, Savanna Trivers, said she thinks the this change will help her with her studying. 

"I feel really good about Mizzou not requiring masks, because it was just really a struggle to wear them to class all day," Trivers said. "I know I don't really like to study in my room as much, I like to be out, so that kind of stopped me from studying, the fact that I had to wear a mask."