MISSOURI − The Department of Health and Senior Services has updated its COVID-19 dashboard to include breakthrough COVID-19 cases, reinfections and probable deaths. 

Breakthrough cases are defined as COVID cases among the fully vaccinated. An individual is considered fully vaccinated two weeks after the series of vaccinations is complete.

"The main goal of the vaccines was to decrease the severity of illnesses leading to hospitalizations and deaths, and it was never assumed they would prevent 100% of infections," DHSS said in a news release. "Becoming infected with SARS-CoV-2 (virus that causes COVID-19) after being fully vaccinated is termed a breakthrough infection and is still relatively rare."

According to DHSS, among those fully vaccinated in Missouri, 2% have developed an infection after exposure, and 0.02% have died from COVID-19.

Breakthrough cases

Breakthrough cases on the dashboard as of Nov. 18

The state's dashboard also added COVID-19 reinfections to the dashboard. A reinfection occurs when someone tests positive, recovers and tests positive again after 90 days or more. 

Prior to the update, each "case" represented an individual Missourian. Now, a total count of cases will represent individual infections among Missourians.

More than 6,300 Missourians have had reinfections, according to the dashboard.


Reinfections on the dashboard as of Nov. 18

DHSS also has added a section for probable deaths. Probable deaths on the dashboard represent those who were positive by antigen testing and were determined to be a COVID-19 death, or individuals who were identified through the vital records death certificate with no associated positive laboratory test. 

Probable cases/deaths

Probable deaths and an updated probable cases on the dashboard as of Nov. 18

The dashboard previously had a section for probable cases -- probable meaning the individuals had a positive antigen test. Probable cases now also include epidemiologically linked cases, meaning people who meet clinical criteria and were in close contact with a confirmed or probable case but did not have a confirmed positive test.

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