Employees who aren't vaccinated by Dec. 8 will be subject to review for termination, according to the company.

COLUMBIA − A protest was held outside the 3M plant in Columbia on Monday morning in relation to the vaccine mandate the company implemented last week.

As KOMU 8 previously reported, 3M sent an email to all employees saying they must be fully vaccinated by Dec. 8, unless they receive a medical or religious exemption. Those who aren't vaccinated will be subject to review for termination. 

Employees who aren't vaccinated by Dec. 8 will be subject to review for termination, according to the company.

3M said because it is a federal contractor and has more than 100 people employed, it will follow the federal mandate

Many 3M employees who were at the protest, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, were not happy with the mandate. They clocked in inside the 3M building, then walked out to protest.

The protest, which included around 35 to 40 employees, was peaceful. 

Employees Vanessa Plummer and Aaron Gonzalez said they are scared of the vaccine mandate and believe if vaccines mandates are allowed, more mandates for other things can happen.

"I believe that it's my choice of what's going in my body," Plummer said. "It's not so much about the vaccine. It's more about if we allow this freedom to be taken away from us, what's come next?"

"I see that this mandate is much bigger than my job and my company," Gonzalez said. "This is a fundamental right that we have to be secure of our body."

"If I or somebody doesn't feel this is safe, we shouldn't be threatened of losing our job or to be forced to take this thing. This has gone way too far," Gonzalez continued.

Plummer and Gonzalez, and other employees who were at the protest, said they are willing to lose their jobs to fight the mandate.

"I willing to lose my job for this," Gonzalez said passionately. "I'm willing to die for this issue."

"Many of us are willing to lose our jobs if we are not vaccinated by Dec. 8," Plummer said. "[Many people] are literally crying on this issue because they feel like they are being forced and their backs are against the wall."

3M sent a statement to KOMU 8 regarding the protests held outside its Columbia plant.

The company said it will comply with the federal vaccination mandate because the company is a federal contractor with more than 100 employees.

"3M cares about its employees and their families and we want them to be healthy and safe – our objective since the pandemic began," the statement said. "We value our employees and hope they will choose to stay at 3M. We have worked hard to preserve employee choice while doing our best to ensure health and safety."

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