COLUMBIA - President Joe Biden made an announcement last week explaining that companies that have 100 employees or more would have to get vaccinated against COVID-19 or face weekly testing.

The decision affects millions of employees throughout the country as the Delta variant continues to drive cases up.

Over 3,700 Missouri businesses, according to the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry, would be affected by the mandate. Here are the top 20 companies in Columbia in terms of employees, according to Zippia, a job resource website. All would fall under the vaccine mandate issued by the President.

  1. University of Missouri - Total employees: 9,639
  2. MU Health Care - Total employees: 8,328
  3. Shelter Insurance - Total employees: 3,145
  4. Mortgage Research Center - Total employees: 1,927
  5. MFA Oil - Total employees: 1,600
  6. MFA - Total employees: 1,200
  7. MBS Textbook Exchange - Total employees: 1,125
  8. The Landrum Company - Total employees: 919
  9. Mariner Finance - Total employees: 773
  10. Woodley Building Maintenance - Total employees: 725
  11. City of Columbia - Total employees: 720
  12. EquipmentShare - Total employees: 690
  13. Fresh Ideas Management - Total employees: 600
  14. StorageMart - Total employees: 550
  15. OATS Transit - Total employees: 512
  16. Emery Sapp and Sons - Total employees: 360
  17. Columbia Insurance Group - Total employees: 325
  18. Riback Supply Company - Total employees: 175
  19. KPLA - Total employees: 175
  20. SEMCO MFG - Total employees: 175

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce stated on Sept. 9 that the federal vaccine plan is the “wrong approach” and that the federal government should encourage vaccination.

Sen. Rick Brattin (R- District 31) and 15 other senators sent a letter to Gov. Mike Parson on Sept. 10 calling for the veto session to be held concerning the vaccine mandate issued by the President.

Gov. Parson said last week that his administration will reject the Biden admin's plan, calling it an "assault on individual liberty and free enterprise." He also told the Kansas City Star that the state will oppose the White House initiative on "multiple fronts."

The PCR positivity rate in Missouri is currently 11.4% with 3,282 antigen cases reported in the last week, according to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

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