COLUMBIA - Missouri will resume distribution of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine after federal scientific advisers found its benefits outweigh the risks.

J&J had previously been put on pause due to 15 vaccine recipients developing highly unusual blood clots, out of nearly 8 million people given the shot.

The state made an announcement on Twitter on Friday night that lifted the 11-day pause on the vaccine.

Counties across mid-Missouri are looking for ways to administer the J&J vaccine.

While this news helps with vaccinating more mid-Missourians, plans for administering the vaccine in the area are still up for debate.

“Those will be discussions that we'll be having in the next week or so about how exactly to use the Johnson & Johnson if there are populations that would benefit from that,” Community Relations Specialist with the Columbia/Boone County Public Health and Human Services Sara Humm said.

Besides Boone County, other counties across mid-Missouri are also looking for ways to administer the J&J vaccine.

Cole County Health Department Director Kristi Campbell said the Cole County Health Department does not have any clinics planned with the J&J Vaccine just yet, but there is a regional event on Wednesday where upcoming vaccination events and plans will be discussed. 

Boone County had previously received 200 doses of the J&J vaccine before the pause. More details will come by the end of the week with their plans of getting the vaccine and how much of it the health department will receive.

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