Columbia/Boone County Public Health and Human Services Department, Boone Hospital Center and MU Health Care are collaborating to merge their lists of people who have asked to be notified that their turn to get vaccinated has arrived.

Right now, each entity has its own list of patients who are eligible to receive the vaccine, and some pharmacies are also keeping their own lists. That means there are many lists in the county with a lot of overlap and multiple opportunities for miscommunication between health care entities, according to Health Department official Sara Humm on Friday.

Brad Myers, MU Health Care's director of pharmacy and lab services, talked about the effort Thursday at a news conference associated with a vaccine event.

"The Health Department has lists of citizens that have signed up for the vaccine, and we have lists as well, so one area we're gonna work on is 'How do we merge those lists together so we have one list?'" he said.

Eventually, the hospitals and the Health Department will be able to share resources as well, Myers said.

Merging the lists will simplify and streamline the process for people to get vaccinated in Boone County.

"I think that's what's been really confusing about this, is that there are lots of lists," Humm said. "People often don't know about opportunities until they're over, and so we're trying to do as much as we can to communicate about that."

In addition to the lists, both the Health Department and MU Health Care have created online surveys that citizens can complete to determine their eligibility for the vaccine. They can also be added to email lists that alert them of mass vaccination events, along with updates in the rollout process.

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