COLUMBIA — Kilgore's in Columbia was taken aback last week when it saw the highest demand for the coronavirus vaccine in a while.

"We had a day last week where for walk-ins, we had kind of the highest demand that we've had," Kilgore's pharmacist Bill Morrissey said. "And we're like, 'Oh, interesting that that happened, maybe that's a sign that people are a little bit more concerned.'"

Since then Morrissey said the pharmacy has seen an increase in demand for vaccines.

As far as vaccine clinics by the Columbia/Boone Health Department, one representative said events have seen promising numbers.

"We do seem to have some decent numbers in the past couple of weeks of how many folks are coming out to get vaccinated," said Sara Humm, the Community Relations Specialist at Columbia/Boone County Public Health and Human Services.

Since July 4 there has been a slight increase of vaccine doses administered.

The peak of doses administered in Missouri came on April 9 when there were 84,638 vaccines given out. On that same day there were 373 cases reported.

For comparison, on July 16, 992 coronavirus cases were reported while 1,092 vaccines were administered.

Since late June there has been an increase in coronavirus cases, and as of June 19, the latest sample from the CDC, 74.6% of Missouri's cases have been the delta variant.

With a decrease in the demand for vaccines, Kilgore's is trying to address a statewide issue — make getting doses as convenient as possible.

In the past week, the local pharmacy has reopened vaccine appointments at the Chapel Hill Road location. Previously that location had to stop giving vaccine because doses were being wasted due to a lack of demand, according to one employee.

"The demand was so low there for a while that we didn't want to be opening and wasting vials at multiple locations," Morrissey said. The pharmacy chose to consolidate vaccine administration at one location instead.

Now, Kilgore's currently offers walk-in vaccine appointments at both the Providence and Chapel Hill Road locations 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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