WASHINGTON — Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler introduced a bill Wednesday that would prohibit the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) from enforcing a vaccine mandate on private sector businesses.

Rep. Hartzler, who represents Missouri's 4th Congressional District and is running for Missouri's open U.S. Senate seat, introduced the "Stop Federal Vaccine Mandates for Employees Act" to counter what she called the Biden administration's "authoritarian action," according to a press release.

Currently, all private sector businesses with over 100 employees are required by OSHA to ensure their employees have received COVID-19 vaccines or submit to weekly testing.

The bill would ban the agency from publishing any Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) that enforces a vaccine or drug mandate on employees.

Businesses that do not follow the mandate may have to pay up to $13,653 for a single violation and $13,653 per day that employers do not comply after that, according to OSHA.

These penalties will take effect on Feb. 9, 2022 pending a decision by the Supreme Court.

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