MARSHALL - The Saline County Health Department will host a Johnson & Johnson vaccination clinic on May 13. 

They announced on their Facebook page that they prefer to not vaccinate women between the ages of 18 and 50 with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine due to the prior issues with this particular vaccine. 

"We are advising anyone under the age of 50 to get one of the other vaccines just to be extra safe," Lisa Thomas, a public health nurse at Saline County Health Department, said.

Thomas said after the CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices met, it was announced that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was fine to start administering again, but to use it very cautiously with women under the age of 50. 

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine was temporarily paused on April 13 after some women developed a rare and severe blood clot after receiving the vaccine. It was reinstated 11 days later.

Saline County Health Department will give out the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to women of these ages if there is an extreme case that they need it. Thomas said in this case they would look at it as a case by case situation and find out more information as to why this specific vaccine and possible health history. 

KOMU 8 spoke with other counties in mid-Missouri, including Callaway, Cole and Boone, to see what their plans were with administering the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Saline County seems to be the only outlier choosing to take these precautions.

A representative from Callaway County Health Department said that they will be administering the Johnson & Johnson to anyone who chooses to have it. They will leave it up to the patients discretion as to which vaccine they choose to receive. 

Cole County Health Department shared that they would recommend women of the ages between 18-50 who may have concerns about Johnson & Johnson to reach out to their primary care providers. They say their providers would know their health history better than the health department and to ask what their recommendations might be. 

Columbia/Boone County Public Health and Human Services has not yet started to administer the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, but has 200 doses that they are working to get administered. 

"It is important to look at what the side effects would be, so making sure folks are educating themselves on potentially what the side effects are and making that decision for themselves," Sara Humm a representative from Columbia/Boone County PHHS, said.

These surrounding counties will continue to provide the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and encourage individuals to continue to take a look at some of the risk factors and side effects to best educate themselves before receiving a certain vaccine.  

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