The bond would go towards buying new land, refurbishing stations and replacing equipment.

COLUMBIA- With municipal elections set for Tuesday, City Council and Columbia School Board are not the only items on the ballot in Boone County. 

Voters will have a chance to vote yes or no on a $6 million bond issue that would go to Boone County Fire Protection. The bond would not add to any taxes, but would be an extension of the 2014 bond that added a 25 cent of out $100 on real property and personal property taxes. 

Assistant Chief Boone County Fire District Gale Blomenkamp talked about how this is the first in a series of bonds that the fire department will put on the ballot.

"This is actually the first of a series of five separate bond issues over the course of 10 years," Blomenkamp said. 

The bond will go toward multiple items, including new land, renovations to fire stations and vehicles, as well as the replacement of some vehicles.

Blomenkamp said the fire department is especially looking for land by fire district stations eight, which is located on South Route K, and five, which is located in Prathersville. While they are looking for land close to those areas, they will not close the stations until a new one is built. 

"It (the bond) includes some funding for land acquisition to replace fire stations number five and number eight... There is also money in there for a storm shelter to be added to station 12," Blomenkamp said.

The money would also go toward replacing some of the older equipment.

"The rest of the bond issue is going toward apparatus, so we have apparatus that are over 20 years old that are running front line service," Blomenkamp explained. "They still work, they still produce and pump water, but you know as anything, technology increases over the years. These things being over 20 years old, they're harder to repair, they are harder to find parts for. So it's just time to replace them."

If the vote does not pass on Tuesday, it will cause the department to change gears on working to replace items.

"It would cause us to or force us to rethink how we are going to replace 20 year old fire trucks," Blomenkamp said. 

For a guide on what will be on the Boone County's ballot tomorrow check out KOMU 8's voter guide for Boone CountyFor information on your polling place and sample ballot, go to the Boone County Clerk's website.