COLUMBIA- Faith Voices and Worley Street Roundtable are set to host a forum for Columbia Board of Education candidates Tuesday evening. 

Candidates for the April 6 election include Teresa Maledy, Lucas Neal, Katherine Sasser, Jeanne Snodgrass and Aron Saylor. 

Candidates will address how they understand their role in creating an environment of belonging and family safety. Parents, teachers, and students will have the opportunity to ask school board candidates how they will prioritize the human dignity of those most marginalized in the community.

Ahead of this forum, the Columbia Missouri National Education Association voted to recommend Katherine Sasser and Jeanne Snodgrass for the upcoming board election on April 6.

"This event is part of a larger effort to move issues of belonging to the center of public debate in Columbia. Attendees will be asked to vote and continue to hold school board members accountable after the election," the organizations said.

The candidates each shared their statements on different topics. Here's some of there quotes on the event.

Teresa Maledy: "I think we can also increase support and long-term satisfaction by continuing to find more ways to engage teachers and work groups."

Katherine Sasser: "The first thing I did was think about where I need to go out and try to build a relationship in our community with organizations that are doing the work and need the voice on the board."

Aron Saylor: "I think the relationship with the board and the community should be fairly open."

Lucas Neal: "I also think the board members need to be able to explain the why behind the decisions they make." 

Jeanne Snodgrass: " That's a really important piece when I talk about openness and communication and transparency, people have to know what's possible."

The school board election will take place on April 6 and you can watch the Zoom at the top of the page