FULTON - Mike West has won Fulton City Council's Ward 1 and Lauren E.H. Nelson has won Ward 4, while Jacqueline "Jackie" Pritchett and Leah Williamson Baker are keeping their seats on the Fulton School Board.

West had nearly 54% of the Ward 1 vote, while Nelson had nearly 65% of the Ward 4 vote. 

City council members serve a two-year term. 

Ward 1 candidates included Valerie Sebacher and West. Sebacher was the incumbent and currently serves as Fulton Housing Authority's executive director. West is a former City Council member. 

Ward 4 candidates included Nelson and incumbent Rick Shiverdecker. Shiverdecker was first elected in 2011 and served five terms on council. 

Wards 2 and 3 seats were also open, but only one candidate ran in each, with an option of writing in a candidate. Ward 2 candidate Jeffrey Stone won nearly 98.5% of the votes, while Ward 3 candidate Alan Combs had 100% of the votes.

Fulton City Council, attorney candidates

Fulton City Council, attorney candidates

Fulton residents also had a chance to elect two new school board members. Current board members Jacqueline "Jackie" Pritchett took nearly 42% of the vote and Leah Williamson Baker had nearly 31% of the vote.

Tyler Steffens also ran. 

Board members serve a term for three years. 

For Callaway County's final election results, click here. 

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