RAYMORE - Mark Alford has been elected to serve in Missouri’s 4th Congressional District. He’s replacing Rep. Vicky Hartzler, who has served as the district's representative since 2011.

With 100% of precincts reporting, Alford took 71% of the vote, while Democrat Jack Truman took 26% and Libertarian Randy Langkraehr with 2%. 

Alford welcomed the news at a watch party with family, friends and supporters at the Tavern on Moor in Raymore.

"I'm just honored that people put their trust in me to be their voice," Alford told a KOMU 8 reporter.

Prior to this election season, Alford was an anchor at FOX4 in Kansas City for 23 years. He left the station in October, shortly before he announced his bid for the open seat. Outgoing U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt and Hartzler endorsed Alford’s campaign after his primary win, along with former President Donald Trump.

Additionally, Republican Sen. candidate Eric Schmitt, along with current Texas Senator Ted Cruz have campaigned alongside Alford.

The 35-year veteran of the journalism industry said that being a conservative journalist was like a “fish swimming upriver.” Alford said he would be on the front lines of America’s “culture wars” in Congress. Alford is just one of the several Republican candidates that framed this election as a battle to take back America from ‘liberal’ values.

“I would be the loudest, strongest, most conservative, unwavering voice for the 4th Congressional District that they have ever seen,” Alford said at an October campaign event.

Alford deleted the “issues” section of his website after the August primary. This means, according to his website, Alford takes no stances. He has no voting history to look back at because his background is not in politics. However, before he deleted that portion of his website, Alford promoted conservative views such as anti-abortion and pro-gun views, along with election security needs.

Additionally, Alford has tweeted about supporting law enforcement and cracking down on illegal immigration.

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