COLUMBIA - UPDATE - 4:30 a.m.: With 100% of precincts reported, Amendment 3 passed with 51% of the votes, or 1,471,892 votes. 

In a statement, the Missouri Farm Bureau said, in part: "The people of Missouri were loud and clear today in rejecting out-of-state meddling in our elections. Amendment 3 will continue to keep our communities whole in next year’s redistricting process."

The Missouri Farm Bureau was in favor of the amendment passing.

In another statement, the Clean Missouri campaign said, in part: "Thousands of volunteers from across the state and across the political spectrum have been working for years to pass and then defend fair redistricting rules in our constitution, and today we camp up short."

Clean Missouri was opposed to Amendment 3 passing.

This Amendment will:

  • Ban gifts from paid lobbyists to legislators and their employees.
  • Reduce legislative campaign contribution limits for state senate campaigns to $2,400.
  • Change the redistricting process voters approved in 2018 (Amendment 1) by:
    • Give responsibility of drawing state legislative districts from the non-partisan demographer to bipartisan commissions appointed by the Gov. Parson.
    • Modify the redistricting criteria.

Amendment 3 essentially reverses Amendment 1, which was passed by 62% of voters in 2018. Amendment 1 allowed non-partisan demographers to redraw state district lines. It also set a $5 limit on lobbying gifts to legislators. 

Supporters of Amendment 3 call themselves 'Fair Missouri'. Earlier during Election Night, Eric Bohl from the Missouri Farm Bureau explained the people have the power to change the effects of Amendment 1. 

"They say, 'Oh you can't overturn the will of the people'," Bohl said. "Well, the people can overturn anything if they choose to, if they see that there was something that slipped past them a couple years ago, under the guise of ethics reform."

Opponents of Amendment 3 call themselves 'Clean Missouri'. The Director of 'No on 3', a group opposing the amendment, explained earlier the amendment would take away the voices of minorities in Missouri. 

"The ultimate goal of Amendment 3 is to allow lobbyists, political operatives to go into back rooms and draw district lines to protect incumbent politicians and to protect their own personal interests," Sean Soendker-Nickolson said.

The redistricting aspect of Amendment 3 will play a timely role in the upcoming year. District lines are redrawn following the population census, taken every ten years. The 2020 population census took place this year. 

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