FNF Week 7 High school football photos and videos

COLUMBIA - Seven weeks into the high school football season and the hot weather has made a comeback for this fall night.

Our game of the week consists of the Centralia Panthers hosting the South Shelby Cardinals. Centralia comes into this game with a .500 record after a blowout loss on the road at the hands of Mexico last week. It's an ideal week for Centralia, as South Shelby comes into this game with a record of 1-5.

Meanwhile, perhaps one of the better games of the week will be played in Ashland, as Southern Boone hosts Blair Oaks. Blair Oaks comes into the game with an undefeated record, while the Eagles have one loss on the year.

Be sure to tweet your game photos to @komusports. This live blog will feature photos and videos from high school football games around mid-Missouri. Items are in reverse chronological order, with the newest on top.

FINAL: Montgomery County completes the comeback, taking down undefeated North Callaway 40-34 @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/OuViDJf8ml

Top plays from Boonville’s 34-21 victory over Eldon. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/iu7AqrDDIk

This game is all tied up! Montgomery County takes it to the house, making it 34-34 with just over 6 minutes to go in the 4th quarter @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/5TG7fJzEqN

The Kirksville Tigers defeat the Mexico Bulldogs with a final score of 37-7. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/AtfhbA0xEz

FINAL: De Smet: 42

Harrisburg is blown out by Fayette at home by a final score of 54-12. Harrisburg falls to 1-6 while Fayette improves to 6-1. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/NP7MpOA7aH

Blair Oaks remains undefeated on the season. The falcons beat the Southern Boone eagles by the final score of 56-17. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/DDP2WDucSw

FINAL: Boonville defeats Eldon 34-21. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/f9altW3JBk

Boonville’s Avian Thomas is tonight’s player of the game! With three touchdowns against Eldon, he advances to 18 total this season. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/7U61qO2E78

Some homecoming magic for Centralia as they glide to a 41-14 victory over South Shelby. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/62a8NBxcPP

FINAL from Sedalia. Rock Bridge moves to (5-2) while Smith-Cotton falls to (2-5). @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/hAp0bQFCW6

It’s still a tight one in Montgomery County! The Wildcats connect on a 9-yard TD pass to bring it within a score. North Callaway still leads over Montgomery County 34-28 in the 3rd quarter @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/fJOeLOG27l

Jacob Weaver breaks out for a 14 yard run for Helias’ 3rd unanswered touchdown. The Helias Crusaders now trail 28-21 to the Monroe City Panthers. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/7Y0EdVx4zR

Kirksville scores yet again. They lead Mexico 37-7 with just under four minutes to play. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/umjVOsfOP6

Final from Westran: The Westran Hornets rebound from last week's upset loss with a dominating victory on Homecoming night over Schuyler County, 40-0! @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/70T4MyvcH4

At the end of the 3rd quarter, Fayette is on its way to a big win. The Falcons lead the Harrisburg Bulldogs 54-6. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/UbL7qOVTlL

The Helias Crusaders march down to the Monroe City 19, Monroe City calls a timeout. 7:58 left in the 4th quarter @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/vm8as0ikw5

North Callaway gets one right back to re-extend it’s lead. The Thunderbirds now lead Montgomery County 34-20 @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/ab2Suyh5tp

Hallsville's huge first half is enough to carry them over the finish line and take down California. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/1Kq2d1eSCi

Montgomery County won’t go away just yet. They tack on another touchdown, now trailing North Callaway 26-20 in the 3rd quarter @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/yoQBMYzKJw

With 9:15 left in the game Versailles extends their lead to 29-13 over Osage @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/1BJmBx9ePp

Final from Salisbury: Marceline gets a shut-out win on the road at Salisbury tonight, 41-0. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/UUx9wGS7hV

With ten minutes left in the fourth quarter, Kirksville scores a field goal. They lead Mexico 24-7. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/lO4y6Y6lVE

A 2-play drive puts Rock Bridge up 49-0 against Smith-Cotton, potentially sealing a massive #blowout late in the 3rd quarter. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/ifOCTSav4P

Minutes later, Kirksville scores another touchdown, bringing the score to 31-7. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/UOFqgCAYD9

The De Smet Spartans continues to dominate the Jefferson City Jays, tacking onnyet another touchdown. 42-7 with 3 minutes to go in the third. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/YIuyR6bbqK

Rock Bridge Bruins have all lanes open scoring another TD off of a Smith-Cotton Tiger fumble. Bruins now up 42-0 with 9:41 remaining in 3 qtr. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/EnP4iXLrVr

1 quarter left in Salisbury. Marceline leads Salisbury 41-0, running clock is in effect. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/BELmHNhNoT

The 3rd quarter nears its conclusion as Versailles still leads Osage 22-13 @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/fDti7nJlDK

Westran QB Alex Young keeps it himself for a long touchdown run! Westran now leads Schuyler County 40-0 early in the 3rd. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/g4CDLY2Jyp

Rock Bridge Bruins don’t get delayed by the homecoming halftime festivities. Bruins return Smith-Cotton Tigers opening kickoff for a touchdown. Bruins lead 35-0 @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/oB1GXzllUp

The Helias Catholic Crusaders come out of the locker room hot. Weaver’s 25 yard TD pass is good to Adam Wilbers. 28-14 Monroe City Panthers still in the lead. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/IbYLSv2R86

At halftime, North Callaway holds a 26-14 lead over Montgomery County @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/Wf4XfTVTq8

The stadium is packed tonight for the Blair Oaks @ Southern Boone game, but these Blair Oaks fans took a break outside at halftime to enjoy their team’s 42-14 halftime lead. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/dohjPfGen1

The Westran Hornets are warming up for the second half of their Homecoming game! They lead Schuyler County 33-0. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/wBplAfI738

A King and Queen are crowned in Hallsville! Congratulations to Reagan Hicks and Clayton Graybill! @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/7ZNsSoBR8W

At the half, Fayette is running all over Harrisburg as it takes a 48-6 lead into the locker room. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/HWrn1mCr3O

With five minutes left in the third quarter, another touchdown puts Kirksville ahead of Mexico 21-7. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/UbEidYGeO0

We have arrived at Westran High School, where Westran QB Alex Young completes a TD pass to receiver Seth Berrey just before halftime! Westran leads Schuyler County at Westran Homecoming 2018, 33-0! @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/OGhveN8gpn

That noise you hear is an Osage TD. Dalton Depee tosses to Logan Havner to get the Indians on the board just before the half and trail Versailles 14-7 heading into the break @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/wOMM2W10E4

And we head into halftime in Centralia with the home Panthers leading the South Shelby Cardinals 34-14. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/YbpRnLM2eu

Halftime at Salisbury. Marceline leads Salisbury, 41-0. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/iiznX1sUOm

Congratulations to Osage’s Homecoming Queen Julia Dehner and the rest of the Homecoming Court! @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/lRVmPnTLSw

If you check the roster for #7 BJ Fisher you'll see WR/DB. But as a bit of a running gag here in Hallsville with the blowout, he just kicked the extra point... And made it. The Indians crowd is loving it as they head into half time up 49-0 over California. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/2MGBjwOsAL

And the Indians are piling it on! Hallsville extend their lead over California to 49-0 with a 1-yd run. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/CyayKAEnXo

At the half of Rock Bridge @ Smith-Cotton. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/yp7ewDWuik

Southern Boone’s quarterback #14 Sam Stichnote runs it in from the 2 yard line. Southern Boone now trailing Blair Oaks 35-14 with 1:40 left in the first half. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/0N2STYz3bB

Now over to Jefferson City vs De Smet. The De Smet Spartans strike yet again, leading the Jefferson City Jays 34-7 with just under a minute in the half @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/0kLwIB3S50

Colin Parrish picks up the TD late in the first half for Montgomery County. North Callaway still leads 20-14 @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/64JmHXI6zP

Smith-Cotton blocks a Rock Bridge chip shot field goal, Nate McFail returns the ball to their own 42yd line. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/kPdOCQhT2x

Blair Oaks #80 Ben Thomas hauls in the long throw and takes it all the way for the score. Blair Oaks leading Southern Boone 42-14. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/aD7TiMsqke

A Boonville screen pass to Avian Thomas results in a loss of about two yards. Under a minute remaining in the half as the Pirates continue to dominate Eldon with a score of 21-0. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/gRp9S29fgr

Checking in from the Hallsville vs California game. The Indians have come out and dominanted the first half, leading the Pintos 42-0 with 5:07 left in the half. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/VYJ72aEfxe

Rock Bridge Bruins can do no wrong going for it on 4th and 14 and converting against Smith-Cotton Tigers. RB Nathaniel Peat scores two plays later to make score 28-0. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/HJt0NnASxV

Helias gets on the board just before half on the touchdown pass to Buschjost. Monroe City up 28-7 heading into half @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/UvgHx7FdyG

Less than 10 minutes after the first Smith-Cotton botched snap, Rock Bridge recovers another botched snap fumble. #turnover@KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/yCZCMVfizW

Rock Bridge Bruins RB Nathaniel Peat committed to @StanfordFball last week but he’s rocking the @MizzouFootball gloves here today against Smith-Cotton Tigers. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/xMGVrbQNOC

The Boonville Silver Pirate Band prepares to take the field for their halftime show. Boonville leads Eldon 21-0. Stay tuned for second half coverage and follow @KOMUsports for updates on high school football games across mid-Missouri. pic.twitter.com/UAlOY2QyjI

A deep pass from Mexico is incomplete at the end of the half. Kirksville leads 14-7. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/j4iYJCW1Xu

A 7 yard touchdown by Harrisburg's Aaron Sims sparks a little excitement from the home crowd! Harrisburg now trails Fayette 28-6 in the 2nd quarter. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/e1PzluUKT2

23 yard touchdown pass from Kendrick-O’Brien for the Monroe City Panthers. Batsell punches it in for the 2 point conversion. Monroe City up 28-0. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/gQ5zGTpcA7

Botched Smith-Cotton snap ends up as a fumble recovered by Rock Bridge. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/4sLImuxqSU

Avian Thomas with a four yard gain for Boonville. The Pirates lead Eldon 21-0 with less than three minutes remaining in the half. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/5YgxemfMxb

QB Coby Williams runs it in for the TD and WR Dallas Walker takes it in for the 2-point conversion as Versailles takes a 14-0 lead over Osage @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/HzLK5DbMTi

The Marceline Tigers increase their lead! They now lead Salisbury 41-0, 8:36 left in the 2nd. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/QwSPsf1kuJ

Blair Oaks falcons hold a strong lead, 28-7 in the 2nd quarter over the Southern Boone eagles. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/dG6RtyOd2e

Southern Boone recovered a fumble down 28-7 but unable to gain any momentum. They turn the ball over, unable to convert on 4th and 3. Blair Oaks now takes over. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/2DDgRZJIoD

Maybe it’s the smell of the delicious homecoming barbecue wafting over the field that’s slowing Osage down today 6-0 Versailles leads with 6:42 left in Q2 @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/6fQysCD4Zk

Fayette's Isaiah Estes pushes across the goal line for his second score of the night. Fayette is pummeling Harrisburg in all facets of the game right now and leads 28-0 early in the 2nd quarter. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/bqFnfF52zP

Rock Bridge Bruins cap off 99 yd TD drive capped off on a 1 yd QB sneak by Grant Hajicek. Bruins now lead 21-0 against Smith-Cotton Tigers. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/szLscUiGmZ

Boonville’s Tramell Coleman with a spectacular catch! The Pirates now lead Eldon 21-0 with 4:53 remaining in the half. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/ZQcDWDrDG2

Rock Bridge Bruins no. 7 QB Grant Hajicek gets back to sideline after TD receives the TD belt and then immediately gives it to no. 76 OL Mason Boussad. Smith-Cotton Tigers defense with no answers so far. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/QjXyXErkmp

Blown up screen plays and lackluster gains have made up most of the first half for the Smith-Cotton offense as it goes up against a vaunted Rock Bridge D. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/QYdWVNP69h

Kirksville recovers a fumble deep in their own territory with five minutes left in the second quarter. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/AohWICQOcI

It's the homecoming game for Mexico High School and three of the five queen candidates are members of the Dixie Gray Marching Band. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/O2lx4ihubC

Avian Thomas gets the first down and more for the Pirates. Boonville leads Eldon 14-0 with 6:52 remaining in the half. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/bAoozH8xgz

6 yard run by Batsell for his 3rd touchdown of the half, giving Monroe City a 20-0 lead with 4:42 left in the 2nd quarter. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/6WA4JMWD9t

Tramell Coleman gets a six hard gain for Boonville. Eldon’s defense is looking tired. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/u2vgEed4in

End of Q1 from Salisbury, Marceline leads Salisbury 34-0.@KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/HQ1w3J000S

As mentioned, it's homecoming night in Centralia. Here are the lucky 5 queen candidates, maybe a little overdressed for a football game... @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/cLTCQvawTp

Eldon with a 40 yard punt backing the Pirates up within their own 10 yard line. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/vSYXAHshdj

Dakota Brush picks up his second TD of the night. North Callaway leads Montgomery County 14-6 @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/LMsmXRRhtZ

The extra point is good for Kirksville after their second touchdown. The Kirksville Tigers lead the Mexico Bulldogs 14-7. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/iQ6XyP29xh

Marceline's Cullen Bruner keeps it himself for the 3-yard score! Marceline running away from Salisbury, 34-0; 1:07 left in Q1. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/yPn2qd9qjJ

There is no student section for Harrisburg tonight. The Bulldogs are looking to give the home fans a reason to come out and cheer, but the visiting Fayette Falcons are making it tough. Fayette leads 22-0 at the end of the first quarter. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/tP6oLtOYD0

Eldon’s Logan Hall is brought down by Boonville’s Lane West for no gain. The Pirates still lead 14-0 with less than nine minutes remaining in the half. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/63VgykS2nd

SCORE UPDATE: After 1 quarter of Rock Bridge @ Smith-Cotton football. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/HfyJijg8Rn

Boonville cheerleaders and fans celebrate their 14-0 lead against Eldon during the BHS Key Club “Magic Minute” where they collect donations for the Central Missouri Honor Flight. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/YmpqC8v2Fc

After a 54yd touchdown run by Sr. Dakota Brush, North Callaway can’t connect on the 2-pt conversion. We’re all tied up at 6 here in Montgomery County @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/iXVlT7ajtG

Quarter one has come to an end here in Centralia. The home team Panthers hold their 13-8 lead over the South Shelby Cardinals. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/RJutXRtOwp

Jared Holiman reels in the pass and takes it over the goal line for another Centralia TD. A missed PAT makes the score 13-8 over South Shelby. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/Ed6SSG73vD

Cale Polson is having himself a night! After coming up with an interception, he punches it in here on 4th and goal for his second touchdown of the night. Fayette now leads Harrisburg 22-0 in the first quarter. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/MFQwbX5L37

Marceline scores again! QB Chase Billups connects with Clayton Stallo for a 51-yard score! Marceline making it look easy against Salisbury, 27-0; 2:05 left in the 1st. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/ukgzmkqZMT

The Indian of Osage isn’t too happy with that. Versailles breaks the deadlock 5 seconds into the 2nd quarter as Michael Trotter rushes it over the goal-line. 6-0 as the 2 point try fails @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/FwBOpd74g4

Avian Thomas and his fellow Pirates celebrate their second touchdown of the game. They lead Eldon 14-0 at the end of the first quarter. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/bjpqqooHJn

Kirksville scores a touchdown to tie the game on the final play of the first quarter. Mexico and Kirksville are tied 7-7 at the end of the quarter. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/Ok6Yc3kSRm

Montgomery County is on the board after a TD pass. The Wildcats lead 6-0 over North Callaway @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/wtNXmptGyG

Boonville’s Avian Thomas adds to his insane touchdown total this season. His sixteenth in seven games comes against the Mustangs. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/SlRdKZqnqz

A big run from Fayette's Isaiah Estes sets up first and goal from the 4. Estes is a player to watch as the game progresses. Fayette now looks to add to their lead over Harrisburg. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/UFxJiRSWCR

A big 35 yard gain for the Helias Catholic Crusaders, they are now in Monroe City’s territory @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/RjQMXAFQoN

Nick Ferrari and Tramell Coleman connect again for a Boonville first down. The Mustangs need to shut down this duo if they want to come back. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/mmuCIzNZxe

The ball comes out but is recovered by Mexico for the touchdown. They lead Kirksville 7-0. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/pMcSHnR41Q

Fayette's Isaiah Estes punches it in from 4 yards out to put Fayette up 14-0 over Harrisburg in the first quarter! @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/toshaE9mgt

Marceline QB Chase Billups connects with receiver Cullen Bruner for a 69-yard TD pass! Marceline extends their lead over Salisbury, 20-0; 4:40 left in Q1. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/cSOpXtUOnt

Batsell again! Monroe City now leads 14-0 in the 1st quarter after the successful 2 point conversion @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/YY8BqJHTjL

As the first quarter comes to an end, North Callaway and Montgomery County are all tied up at 0. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/Ex7CEa8mz1

North Callaway fails to covert on 4th down. Montgomery County will take over with 3:19 left in the first quarter @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/t5fo6qPwFY

As we finally overcome these traffics delays we jump into a 7-0 game with the Rock Bridge Bruins leading Smith-Cotton Tigers. 7 mins remain in the first qtr. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/PKodPzckzf

Boonville defense contains the Mustangs in the backfield forcing them to punt. The Pirates start on their own 25 with a 7-0 lead. 2:36 remain in the first quarter. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/LaUg3PDpy4

Fayette's Cale Polson runs behind a wall of blockers and punches it in for the first score of the game! Fayette leads Harrisburg 7-0 in the first quarter. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/MNfW3ONfp7

Salisbury's QB keeper from the 1-yard line ends as a fumble recovered in the end zone by Marceline's Alex McCauslin, his 2nd defensive TD! Marceline up 13-0, 8:50 left in Q1. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/oYP7z4mfxW

Tramell Coleman hauls in a 73 yard touchdown for Boonville. Eldon down 7-0 with 4:36 remaining in the first quarter. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/4oiVTONGzE

Gus Stidham finds the hole in the coverage and reels in the pass. Centralia is driving down 7-8 to South Shelby. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/8z67o7ZbXY

Boonville is forced to punt. Both teams off to a slow start. Eldon ball with under eight minutes remaining in the first quarter. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/9K7VCSPPIh

Salisbury QB Grant Biere's pass is intercepted for a Pick-6 by Marceline's Alex McCauslin! Marceline goes on top 7-0, 8:57 left in Q1. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/xqXvw2wUWM

Eldon pass incomplete to Logan Hall forcing them to punt. Boonville will start on their own 25 yard line. Still scoreless with 6:06 remaining in the first quarter. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/kNlL3WRDUt

And South Shelby punches it in! Brock Wood keeps it himself to put the Cardinals on the board. A 2-pt conversion gives them an 8-7 lead over Centralia. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/S5PLCyev4P

The Westran Hornets, the #1 team in the state, will be looking to rebound after an upset loss to Scotland County last week. Westran takes on Schuyler County tonight! @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/IJBBkXerxz

A short bench for Harrisburg tonight as they have just 7 healthy substitutes. They have the ball at the Fayette 42 and are looking to get on the board first. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/012IorSWnW

Eldon running back, Logan Hall, rushes for about a yard. Boonville defense looking strong with the help from some Eldon penalties. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/njukbcUUwz

Montgomery County wins the toss and connects on an onside kick. They’ll start the game at midfield @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/1xzn43x1No

The Osage Indians tear through the homecoming banner with a vengeance, will they be able to tear through the Tigers of Versailles just as easily? @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/xbmRYefOQ5

Eldon’s punt goes just short of midfield. Boonville with great field position for their first offensive drive of the game. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/iGNXn6ow57

The game is underway as the Mexico Bulldogs host the Kirksville Tigers. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/Jp0j4s71Qa

#42 Keenan Batsell breaks away on 4th down for the first touchdown of the game, the 2 point conversion is no good. 6-0 Monroe City. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/NY6J4ls6tT

Centralia strikes first! They stick to the ground game and chug their way into the end zone to make their lead over South Shelby 7-0. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/jSXWYm3erJ

Boonville is forced to punt. Both teams off to a slow start. Eldon ball with under eight minutes remaining in the first quarter. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/9K7VCSPPIh

Montgomery County takes the field as pregame introductions come to an end. Kickoff is coming up @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/7gF6ttKmLa

Salisbury WR Steven Birdsong is one of the senior players introduced as part of Senior Night at Salisbury. Marceline VS. Salisbury will begin shortly! @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/9wbz0la0UG

Centralia will receive the opening kickoff from South Shelby. It's game time. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/piPWEgJhtR

Mexico High School wrestling coach Gayle Adams was presented with the NFHS Coach of the Year Award before the game against Kirksville. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/tdtBA2MgPo

Boonville kicks off to Eldon. The Mustangs start on their own 21 yard line. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/I8wPdMubuB

Helias on the kickoff and the Panthers and Crusaders are underway @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/1IL3B9PMB5

The Boonville Pirates take the field in their highly anticipated matchup against the Eldon Mustangs. Kickoff just minutes away. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/N9ttWviCGV

The coaches and team captains are meeting ahead of tonight's game between Fayette and Harrisburg. Harrisburg, 1-5, looks to upset 5-1 Fayette at home. Follow @KOMUsports for updates. pic.twitter.com/L9aTrlB84w

"This is our HOME and we're COMING for you." The Centralia Panthers take the field for their homecoming football game against South Shelby. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/SxzMBMde8T

Boonville starting quarterback, Nick Ferrari, warms up alongside teammate, Tramell Coleman as they prepare to take on the Eldon Mustangs. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/y976rC9YXj

One of the perks of being a high school football team in a small town, the whole town has your back. Some support pasted on the Centralia sidelines from the local kindergartners. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/LsY4isAHqD

As we were on route to tonight’s Rock Bridge Bruins against the Smith-Cotton Tigers there was an accident on I-70 near mile marker 118 completely shutting down the interstate. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/1W5LLvfMXo

It's Homecoming night in Centralia. Take a look at the game preview as South Shelby looks to get their second win of the season on the Panther's home turf. @KOMUsports#FridayNightFeverpic.twitter.com/gBOPeS67vM

California visits Hallsville tonight, looking to spoil Hallsville's Homecoming night and come out with their first win. Take a look at the game preview. @KOMUsports#FridayNightFeverpic.twitter.com/35HMP0u8cL

Bill Forest, is the owner of a Ford dealership, and long time resident in Centralia, but tonight he's hard at work in "The Farmer's Store" on the sideline. He says today, "should be one of our biggest games of the year," and added, "Angel fixes the best Ribeyes." @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/KIzuViTl9g

Boonville’s annual Honor Flight Football Game kicks off against Eldon in 35 minutes. More to come. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/xt1yBmkHbg

The 3-3 Helias Catholic Crusaders prepare to defender their home field vs the 5-1 Monroe City Panthers. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/447RQkeoT5

The calm before the storm...@KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/xEe8YLzgHr

A slight breeze on this cool evening in Boonville as the Pirates take on the Eldon Mustangs. 30 minutes until kickoff. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/Fzh7bO8DaX

Let's take a look at the player spotlight for the South Shelby @ Centralia game. Centralia is a tough matchup for South Shelby, if they want to win, expect a lot of the offense and defense to run through QB Brock Wood. @KOMUsports#FridayNightFeverpic.twitter.com/n69VkZozoz

Let's take a look at the player spotlight for the California @ Hallsville game. California is definitely coming in as the underdog, but another performance from Alex Currens similar to last week and we may have a contest. @KOMUsports#FridayNightFeverpic.twitter.com/ikpdZvsWXh

Homecoming festivities are about to get underway here in Osage Beach as the Osage Indians prepare for a showdown with the Versailles Tigers @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/ZhFX2VQ0AG

Specialist Matthew Bricker with the Missouri Army National Guard is all set for Boonville’s 2018 Honor Flight Football Game against Eldon. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/knO7W9dx0X

The 6-0 North Callaway Thunderbirds come into Montgomery County tonight to take on the 2-4 Wildcats. Kickoff coming up at the top of the hour @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/INUgB7WtAl

The Junior Pirates show some support for their hometown team here in Boonville. Kickoff about 25 minutes away against Eldon. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/YzheunSuYB

The Panther band walks out to a beautiful sunset here in Centralia. The atmosphere is building as they look to take down South Shelby. The game is set to start in 25 minutes. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/SAFwMvybns

Balloon animals, face paint and hair spray are in full effect tonight in Montgomery County! @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/BqRxkoFSQ5

A beautiful scene as we approach kickoff. The energy is great as the Boonville Pirates prepare to take on the Eldon Mustangs. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/Q76QRFwFm7

Last week it was blankets, this week it's lawn chairs. Centralia fans are ready to take in the weather and take in some football. Centralia takes on South Shelby at 7:00. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/UdKtF9oWl5

More scenes from Boonville’s 2018 Honor Flight Football Game against the Eldon Mustangs. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/rf4zrdonp9

Here at Harold Menze Field, the 1-5 Salisbury Panthers are ready for their home matchup tonight against the 5-1 Marceline Tigers. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/ZmkbP1mT5q

The sun is setting and kickoff is approaching. The Boonville Pirates look to advance to 5-2 at home against an equally talented Eldon team. @KOMUsportspic.twitter.com/2qc505OlSa

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