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By: Megan Murphy

CALLAWAY COUNTY - Its been six months since a devastating earthquake pushed Haiti into the spotlight. Global Compassions, a group in Callaway County says it wasn't the earthquake that spurred their trip.

Kent Glover, a carpenter for Global Compassion says, "It was really obvious when we landed In Port. The earthquake was really devastating for Port. The oceans of tent cities were just heart-wrenching, really."

"There's no rhyme or reason why those folks have to live they way they do," says Global Compassion volunteer Steve Arrowood.

"It feels like you go down there and you're throwing a thimble full of water on a blazing forest fire," Glover says, "but you know you can only do so much. We've built churches, schools, medical centers and houses for the Hatian people. Mostly in the Northwest."

Arrowood says, "Everybody's heart's kind of focused on Haiti. There are third world countries and then there are very impoverished third world countries and they are at the bottom of the barrel. Unless you lay on a mountaintop and not see an electric light unless you got a generator for two weeks, you understand the real need for those folks are clean water, food and decent living conditions and they don't have any of those."

"You can't imagine just living day in and day out in that type of climate," says Glover.

Arrowood says,"I leave there sometimes and I'm tired and I'm hungry and sick and got a little dyssentery or something and I think man, I don't know why I do this. but it wont' be two weeks and I'm thinking, man if we could do this or that it would be much easier."

"You get down there where you ten hours from being able to buy a two by four and you get done and you always seem like you have enough stuff," says Glover. "They're heart's right. If your heart's right, things just happen it seems like if you do it for the right reasons. It just gets in your blood somehow, I'm not sure."

"Once you are connected to Haiti in that way, it's hard to refocus on something else. I never left Haiti thinking I contributed nearly as much as I got becuase that's kinda how it touches you and that's what keeps you traveling all the time," says Arrowood.

Global compassions next trip to Haiti is scheduled for January. If you'd like to donate or get more information, email kent glover at


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