Ground Source Heating

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By: Jessica Smith

Dennis Walker installed his ground source heating and cooling system just over a year ago, and already he's saving more than two thousand dollars.

A ground source, or geothermal, system uses energy stored in the ground to heat or cool a building. When temperatures outside are hot, the systems pulls energy our of the building and into the ground. That makes the building's temperature drop to a comfortable level. When outside temperatures are cold, the system changes directions. It pushes energy into the building to warm it.

Using natural energy lowers the amount of energy a homeowner pays for, especially in a situation like Walker's, who used to use propane to heat his home.

The pay backs become very real because of all the energy you can save in an expensive situation, especially when you consider an old furnace that is propane, said Jim Oakley of 02 Geothermal.

The government also offers incentives for people using ground source heating. The federal government gives a thirty percent tax credit for homes with a geothermal system. The state of Missouri also offers rebates through Energize Missouri Homes.

Ground source heating also heats water, and controls a home's humidity level.

The initial installation cost can be expensive, but the system can pay for itself in as soon as a year. Installation construction can also be extensive. Teams put five tons of equipment 100 feet underground in the Walker home, but soon after, not a trace of construction is visible.

Geothermal systems don't just save money, but also keep pollutants from other energy sources, such as coal, from damaging the environment.


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