The new law lets Jefferson City residents burn yard waste only from Nov. 15-March 15, and only during the day. If a large storm hits such as last week's in St. Louis, Jefferson City's mayor can add more burn periods so residents can clean up the damage.

But, not everyone is happy with the law.

"There is a group of citizens that have met and are contemplating trying to repeal the council's actions through a referendum and petition and a vote of the people some time this year," said Rennick.

That group, Citizens to Protect Citizens' Rights, believes residents should be able to choose whether to dump yard waste and paper products or burn them.

"I do not debate whether it's good or bad to burn," said Chairman Hal Herbert. "There are good points and there are bad points, but I feel the citizens have a right to choose whether they want to or not."

Hebert said he filed a petition with the city clerk last Friday and is waiting for the form to be approved so it can appear on the Nov. 7 ballot.

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