First boy to win homecoming queen at Rock Bridge makes his mark beyond the crown

Zachary Willmore is the first boy to be named homecoming queen at Rock Bridge High School.

The varsity cheerleader put a poll on social media to determine whether to run for king or queen. 

"They thought queen could look prettier on the sash," Willmore explained. "So I chose queen."

Hospitals in Boone County report low numbers of COVID-19 cases

The Columbia/Boone County Public Health and Human Services reported one new COVID-19 case Tuesday. 

This is the lowest number of new cases since June 11. 

The Missouri's Department of Health and Senior Services has Boone County ranked No. 34 in the state with 276 active COVID-19 cases.

FDA vaccine advisers vote to recommend Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine for children 5 to 11

Vaccine advisers to the US Food and Drug Administration voted Tuesday to recommend Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine in children 5 to 11.

The FDA said the benefits of vaccinating younger children outweighed any risks after Pfizer said clinical trials showed the vaccine was more than 90% effective in preventing symptomatic infection in children. 

Boonville's D.J. Wesolak appears in Cooper County court

Boonville football standout D.J. Wesolak appeared in Cooper County Court Tuesday for an arraignment. 

The judge and lawyers in the case agreed to a preliminary hearing to decide if there is enough evidence for the charge to go to trial.

The 5-star recruit is charged with fourth degree assault, which is a misdemeanor, and first degree harassment, which is a felony.

Missouri School Boards' Association withdraws from National School Boards Association

The Missouri Schools Boards' Association withdrew from participating in the National School Boards Association on Monday.

MSBA officials say the NSBA "demonstrated it does not currently align with the MSBA's guiding principles of local governance" after the national association requested the FBI investigate parents for threats against educators and school board members without consulting its Missouri chapter. 


As of early Wednesday morning, showers are still in eastern Kansas and are slowly progressing east along an advancing occluded front. Rain probabilities will be highest (20-40%) over western Missouri during the morning, dry and cloudy elsewhere.

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