Jello wrestling event takes over conversation at Hallsville Funfest

HALLSVILLE - New additions to the Hallsville Funfest have some residents concerned for how family-friendly the event really is. 

Friday night, the second annual Funfest will feature Jello Wrestling. The event will be held next to the beer tent, according to the sign-up flier. 

Hallsville Community Development Association President, Eric Adkins, said holding the event near the beer tent keeps it away from the kid-friendly area. 

Hallsville store owner Kay Berkley said the location still leaves her with concerns. 

"I'm not really sure if that's enough because young boys are going to want to see it too, and I think it's going to be right outside the beer area, therefor it is in the public view," she said. 

Berkley also raised concerns about who can and can't participate in the event.

"I think there was other ways we could have done that where they had children's divisions, maybe, males doing the same thing, and females," Berkley said.  

Adkins said the group of volunteers in charge of planning the event didn't consider opening the event up to men. 

"I guess we hadn't really thought about it a whole lot, and then we had a male asking about it," Adkins said."We didn't really have it set up to do two different ones, and you can't very well do it co-ed, so we limited it to just girls for this time."

Adkins said the wrestling event was originally planned to be a fun activity to have as a side note, but now it is becoming the talk of the town. He said the event wasn't meant to offend anyone. 

"There's always going to be people that don't approve of everything you do, so you  just have to look at things and do the best we can," Adkins said.  

Berkley said she is sure people will still enjoy the event, but she won't be in attendance. 

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