COLUMBIA – Miller’s Professional Imaging came together and created face shields to give to local hospitals.

Jake Eldredge is the order completion and covers coordinator for Miller’s Professional Imaging (MPI) and said the company has everything from large format printers to laser cutters. The company tried to find a way it could help with those materials.

“This is something that is in line with our company standards,” Eldredge said.

MPI had the material to make face shields on hand because it was used to create picture statues that are no longer made at the Columbia location.

About 10 employees come into the building throughout the week to make sure printers aren’t getting damaged by sitting for too long.

“While we’re in there, we decided we might as well do something,” Eldredge said.

Trotec Lasers is the company its laser printers are from. Trotec Lasers released a tutorial on how to make face shields that MPI used to create the ones its workers gave to MU Health Care on Friday.

When the team delivered the shields to MU Health Care, the workers mentioned that the shields were more sturdy than some of the shields they have been using.

“I’m super fortunate that I work for a company that is willing to just let us do this and that is try to help the employees come back to a job as well as help out in any way that we can in the community,” Eldredge said.

About five of the 10 person crew spend about 2-3 hours a day working on the face shields. Each individual shield takes about 15 minutes to make.

The company has already run out of the material used to make the shields. It has ordered more that should be in by Tuesday. Until then, the workers will take the reaming shields made to Boone Hospital and a place in Pittsburg, Kansas.

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