Boy Scouts file for bankruptcy due to sex abuse lawsuits

FULTON - A few Boy Scouts of America troops hosted a Scouting for Food event on Saturday.

Troop 50, Troop 250, Pack 52 and the Cub Scout Packs collected monetary and food donations that will go to SERVE, a local food bank in Fulton.

The Scouts set up for the event at the Scout Cabin in Fulton. They went to local grocery stores where they received and monitored donations. Cub Scouts handed out lists of products customers could buy to help with donations for SERVE.

"The event today is something that the pack and troops have always been a part of, for the last several years," Misty Mauphin, Cub Master for Pack 52, said. "It's really important for the community, because we help put food out for our local food bank, SERVE."

According to the "Scouts BSA Troop 50 & Troop 250 Fulton, MO" Facebook page, "Fulton Monetary donations allow SERVE to stretch $1 into TEN meals and $1,000 into 10,000 meals" for the Callaway County community.  Donations will be accepted until Mar. 20, 2021.  

There are less donation barrels present in Fulton this year because of the pandemic. Through SERVE, there is a new texting program to send a monetary donation: Text SCOUT to 202-858-1233 to donate.

This event is usually held at a grocery store, as well as the local Walmart.  However, because of the pandemic, the Scouts were not allowed to stand outside Walmart this year.

Because of this, the turn-out for both donors and Scouts was lower than it is in previous years.

"We have some that just don't feel comfortable doing in-person at this time," Amy Schnoebelen, Scout Master for Troop 3250 and Assistant Scout Master for Troop 50, said. "So, we are missing maybe a quarter to a third of our Scouts because of the pandemic."

Troop 50 has been in Fulton for 75 years, and this event has been held annually for almost 40-years, Schnoebelen estimates.

The Scout Cabin, built in the 1960s, was originally built for the Boy Scouts, but now that the City of Fulton owns the building, anyone can rent the space.

The Scout Cabin is home to Cub Scout Packs, Pack, Pack 52, BSA Troop 50 (male) and BSA 250 (female). Pack 52 includes boys and girls that range from kindergartners through fifth graders.

16-year-old Q Gibson has been in The Boy Scouts since the age of 10.  Saturday was his tenth time participating in the Scouting for Food event.  He noted the turn-out was lower today, however, he acknowledges the annual event's significance.

"There have been times where there are 55 cars lined up to get food and stuff.  So, us doing this helps keep the food pantry in stock," Gibson said.  

Despite changes due to the pandemic, the Scouts are continuing to meet  and host events such as Scouting for Food to help the mid-Missouri community.

"There's just so many people in our community, and all communities really, that have food insecurity," Schnoebelen said. "This is a good way for the community to pull together as one big event and get hundreds of pounds of food together for SERVE."

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