COLUMBIA - Some of those out cleaning mid-Missouri's roads are snow plowers, salt spreaders and 13-year-old snow shoveler Pablo Grimaldo.

"I just saw people were looking for shoveling, so I just posted that I was 13 years old with my dad trying to get money," Pablo said.

Pablo and his dad, Serapio, started shoveling driveways together on Tuesday. Serapio said it was Pablo's idea, and it came at a time when his family needed a little extra help.

"In this weather, I work in construction, and I have nothing to do," Serapio said. "It's helping us out a lot."

Pablo is a seventh grader at Oakland Middle School. His brother Jose, a freshman at Battle High School, also helped clear the driveways on Wednesday.

While his classmates and thousands of others stay cozy inside, the Grimaldo family stays ankle deep in snow until he can clear it all away.

"I just try to keep myself warm with two pants, a jacket and a coat," Pablo said.

"Basically he's the one doing all the calls, all the messages," Serapio said. "I'm very proud of both of them."

It all started with a Facebook post, and then the business came rolling in.

"He put out the post, and luckily got people to hire us to clean their driveway, Serapio said."

Pablo and Serapio cleared four driveways yesterday and had five more lined up for Wednesday. One of his customers said he got the bang for his buck.

"The driveway was so clear, that when the sun came out yesterday, it was dry," customer Dusty Vines said.

The Grimaldo family made $200 before starting on Wednesday. Pablo has a couple things in mind for the money.

"We want to buy a lawn mower," Serapio said. "We trying to save a little money to buy the lawn mower he wants because he wants the good one, the expensive one."

"For me to get a new phone, to pay for my own phone," Pablo said.

Pablo's post is in the Work together in the Community-Columbia Missouri Facebook group. 

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