The Edgar family has owned the Dairy Queen in Fulton since 2002. Their last day of ownership is Wednesday.

FULTON - For nearly the last 20 years, Shawn Edgar has owned the Dairy Queen on North Bluff Street with his wife Tina.

“My oldest one, he was six months old whenever we took over,” said Shawn Edgar about the time they began owning the restaurant on New Year’s Day 2002.

After many ups and downs over the last several years, their time as DQ owners came to an end Wednesday. The restaurant will be owned by a group that owns other Dairy Queen outlets in Illinois.

“Today’s been a weird day,” Edgar said.

The Edgars have become very well known in the Fulton community over the years. They have put on various fundraisers for local schools, churches and athletic teams.

One regular fundraiser benefits the Super Sam Foundation, a non-profit specializing in the funding for pediatric cancer research. The foundation's co-founder and president, Cassie Santhuff, described the Edgars as people who would go out of their way to make someone's day.

Santhuff recalled an instance when the Edgars provided special orange smoothies to her and her family to honor her late son Sam, even after other Dairy Queens had stopped selling them.

"When they discontinued them, they actually had another case of the product delivered from a different store to the store, just to make sure that we still had our own smoothies on Sam's birthday," Santhuff said. "Incredible people."

The decision to sell the Dairy Queen was made on the Edgar family’s own accord. To Shawn Edgar, the time just felt right.

“We've talked about it for four or five years now,” Edgar said. “My wife, she's working 50 hours a week from home that nobody sees, doing book-work scheduling.

Our kids are getting older….we don’t want to miss out on that stuff. And frankly, after roughly 20 years of doing this along with everything else that we have, it's just become a strain.”