COLUMBIA- An anonymous donor recently gave a Columbia teen and his family a $500 donation upon hearing of his snow shoveling last week.

13-year-old Pablo Grimaldo and his father Serapio recently received the donation after helping out neighbors by shoveling snow off their driveways and sidewalks. The donor says the gift came with no strings attached, and the family can use it how they please.

"I was happy about it," Pablo said. "We didn't know this was gonna happen. We wanted to buy a lawnmower... so we're gonna by a lawnmower with the money."

Serapio said he is also very surprised to receive the donation.

"We weren't expecting this to happen. We got home and Pablo got ahold from somebody at the news and told us what was going on... and we felt really happy about it," the father said.

Both Pablo and Serapio are both very surprised but also very happy to see their shoveling last week result in receiving a donation.

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