LAKE OZARK- Wakeboarders Connor Gatlin, Brody Spriggs and Kirby Liesmann competed in the wakeboarding world championship. 

The two boys and their coach all live at the Lake of the Ozarks. They competed at the competition in Georgia this September. 

Connor and Brody, 9 and 14 respectively, live right across the lake from each other, able to look out over the water and see each other's house. The boys train year-round with Kirby, simply using the lake that's right in their backyard. 

For Connor and his mom, his journey as a wakeboarder hasn't been simple. Connor is diagnosed with neurological and movement disorders. 

“We don’t, they literally don’t know what it is. They've gone through every possible test that they could go through and it all come back inconclusive," Amy Gatlin said. 

Connor experiences seizures and tremors. Regardless, it hasn't changed his love for the sport. 

“I have to go to lots of doctors appointments because I have seizures and stuff, all that stuff, but I don’t quit wakeboarding because wakeboarding is my favorite sport," Connor said. 

Amy Gatlin says her son perseveres. 

“I think he probably has more pain than an average kid but he’s used to it and he fights through it,” she said. 

She says her son looks up to Brody. 

"But he knows how much it means to Connor and he knows how important it is to kind of push Connor to get out of the bed maybe and jump on the trampoline or go swim or something along those lines. He’s just really good at pushing him, without realizing that he’s doing it. He’s just, he’s a good role model," she said. 

Connor and Brody continue to train together and both have goals of becoming professional wakeboarders, just like their coach. 

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