JEFFERSON CITY-  State representatives heard a bill on Tuesday that would make it so counties can not regulate certain COVID-19 restrictions against restaurant, bars and churches. 

During the hearing it was said that one in three independently-owned businesses will not make it through the pandemic. 

Nic Parks owns two small businesses in Columbia, Silverball Bar downtown and Level Up Entertainment at the Columbia Mall. 

"Right now we are limited in occupancy here at Level up. We are allowed 777 under normal conditions and right now we are limited to 150," said Parks. 

Silverball normally holds up to 600 people and right now it is limited to 100 people for capacity. 

Parks says people are just coming in earlier than they were before the pandemic. 

"What the 10:30 curfew has really done is change that experience for everyone; they plan their night around a 10:30 closing vs a midnight or 1 a.m. closing," said Parks. 

He said people are probably still drinking the same amount, but just starting earlier. He says by getting rid of the curfew it would keep people from going to other locations that may not have social distancing requirements. 

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