COLUMBIA — The menu at a senior living community in Columbia reads almost like a color wheel.

That's because it is stacked with lots of fruits and vegetables.

Cedarhurst of Columbia recently introduced new 'brain foods' offerings to serve its residents.

"Good brain food starts with good cholesterol and healthy fats and highly nutritional vegetables," Collin Hickerson, a chef at the community, said.

Hickerson said leveraging nutrition to its maximum role in the overall wellness of a person can contribute greatly to their health.

"Wellness in general always starts with good nutrition," Hickerson said. "You can get every vitamin, every mineral that you need to put in your body from a piece of food, from something that comes out of the ground."

Two of its residents, Bill and Jane Dickinson, consider themselves "foodies." Since coming into the community, their appetites have found an appreciation for the menu.

"They do their best to update it and to give us variety," Bill said, "and they probably, I would think, are the best in town at what they do."

The USDA has specific advice for the nutritional needs for older adults.

"I'm not going to say that eating everything healthy is going to make you not have to take your medicine, but food is medicine," Hickerson said. "You eat what's good for you, you're going to feel great."

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