FAYETTE - Anna Pendergrass is a sophomore at Central Methodist University. She shared her story about her sexual assault Wednesday afternoon during a protest on campus.

"It took way too long for something to be done about it," Pendergrass said. "And what was done was nothing more than a conversation about what you shouldn't do and a slap on the wrist."

She said her story has made an impact on others, especially other victims. 

"I know that the few times that I had told my story to my friends in the past, it was really impactful," Pendergrass said. "I knew that it helped other girls come forward."

CMU President Roger Drake told KOMU 8 the school could not comment on investigations at this time.

One of the women impacted was Layla Beyer. She organized the protest Wednesday and believes CMU does not do enough for its students who are victims of sexual misconduct and assault.

"The ones who control Title IX violations aren't doing their jobs," Beyer said to the crowd. "That makes CMU an unsafe place, especially for younger women, who my assailant goes after time and time again."

Beyer stated in her speech that her assailant is a current student and RA (resident assistant) on campus.

Roughly 80 students and faculty attended the protest, including CMU's Director of Marketing and Communications Scott Queen.

"In light of today's activities, I'm sure we will have additional discussions," Queen said. "We're delighted that they came out and made their voices heard."

Pendergrass said she hopes this is the start of change and that those who commit sexual assault or misconduct get "a harsher punishment."

She also says she still has concern for victims and any other victims going forward.

"I think CMU is a great school. I love going to school here," Pendergrass said. "But I don't love what happens if you are assaulted."

Queen also said the school could not comment on any individual cases.

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