COLUMBIA — The Columbia Missouri National Education Association members met with Columbia Public Schools representatives for an opening session to discuss some proposals. 

Two major things they talked about were teacher pay and class sizes.

 "I think there will be a lot of conversation back and forth between us and the district really addressing class size, and the inequities in class size, across the district. The cool thing about bargaining is that we bring up issues that are problems across the district," Collective Bargaining chair Kristen Burkempter said. 

Burkempter says they currently follow guidelines from the MissourivDepartment of Educational and Secondary Education, but with the new superintendent that could change. 

Another thing they discussed was teacher pay. 

"The last one we're looking at really falls under compensation. We always negotiate compensation and work with the district on improving the compensation and benefits for our teachers," said Burkempter. 

She said they want to make sure they are getting the best teachers. 

"We're obviously always working towards that model salary schedule and increasing the base, we want to recruit and retain the best teachers in the state, and we have to stay competitive in order to do that," said Burkempter. 

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