COLUMBIA - On the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, the University of Missouri and the City of Columbia came together to hold a memorial celebration honoring those lost. 

The event began with the Joint Services Color Guard and City Honor Guards presenting the American flag while marching through MU's historic columns. The public, the guard, and others stood in silence as the national anthem played. 

Mayor Brian Treece and University Provost Latha Ramchand gave remarks about the tragedy that occurred 20 years ago. 

"We will come to together, we will unite, we will overcome. We will never give up," says Ramchand, who spoke on remembering what our nation is at its core. 

Ramchand also honored those lost in Afghanistan recently and shared how people must persevere as a nation to overcome the struggles both Missouri and the U.S. faces, saying "Our strength and resilience will overcome our most bitter struggles."

Mayor Brian Treece also spoke, and he emphasized the importance of kindness towards others following unprecedented times, saying "may we carry on the compassion and unity that we felt as a nation after these attacks."

Following the statements, the City presented a wreath laying ceremony representing those who gave their lives to protect others. The ceremony then concluded with a bagpipe song and the Joint Services Color Guard retiring the colors.

Both MU and the City of Columbia emphasized the importance of remembering this historic event, and continuing to honor its memory.

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