COLUMBIA - Tuesday afternoon, downtown business owners met with the Columbia Police Department, including Chief Geoff Jones about the shooting that happened at the 100 block of S. Ninth Street around 12:20 a.m. on Sunday.

The Board of Directors for Downtown Community Improvement District is made up of downtown business owners. They spoke with Jones on a Zoom call.

Officer Dan Wright described the investigation to the Board.

"As with most shots's usually a targeted event, it's not something that's random, people don't just spray bullets into a crowd. And that is not what happened this weekend. We do have leads that we're following. We're gonna follow the evidence where it takes us, and see how much cooperation we can get," he said.

The Executive Director of the Downtown Community Improvement District said communication is crucial to keep customers safe.

"The main thing is they want to also know what's happening. If they don't hear about it, then they can't help fix it," Nickie Davis said.

The owner of Shakespeare's Pizza said the meeting with CPD was a good first step in protecting people downtown.

"There's a lot of things that CPD pointed out as problems and things to focus on- over serving, serving minors...and they gave us some actionable things that we can work with to move forward to keep downtown safe," Kurt Mirtsching said.

Chief Jones says the department is still understaffed. He said that the department is paying police officers overtime to patrol downtown at night. No announcement was made today on the condition of the two people taken to the hospital.

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