COLUMBIA - At Monday's meeting, The Columbia City Council will be proposing a change to the city code that requires curbside yard waste to be placed in bags with a city logo. The City Council is going to present a plan to modify Section 22-159 of the city code to allow yard waste to placed in non-city logo bags. 

These bags would be allowed to be placed at the curb for two specific weeks each fall in November and December.  During these weeks, yard waste placed in any trash bag would be collected along with normal refuse in city logo bags.  

"Not everyone has the means to take their yard waste to one of our wonderful yard waste drop offs that we have.  If you can do that, that's great, but not everybody has a vehicle.  Not everybody has a vehicle that's appropriate for taking for taking their yard waste to one of those sites," Rachel Proffitt, a Columbia resident, said.

KOMU 8 News reached out to the city for more information about the proposal, and to learn more about their reasoning for the two week program, but they declined comment.  

"It is just a band-aid... Essentially, what's going to happen, people are going to put out as much trash as they can.... I don't know what week it will be in December.  But, if it's after Christmas, I could just see people putting out all their trash from Christmas," Proffitt said.  

"So, this is something where they realized they're going to have, and I think they probably have, started to have citizens email them saying 'Hey what are you going to do about yard waste?', and this is their response to that," Proffitt said. "Whereas, it's interesting though that they get a lot of citizens emailing them saying this whole logo-bag, situation, doesn't work, and they continue to turn a blind-eye to that," Proffitt said.  

If the City Council decides to allow for non-logo bags to be used for one week in November and one week in December, the revisions of the city code will be introduced at the City Council meeting on Nov. 1. 

The meeting begins Monday at 7 p.m.  The meeting will be livestreamed on  

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