COLUMBIA - Vigor MVMNT hosted their first annual "Homecoming" Fitness competition on Saturday to bring in athletes from around the state to compete in a partner-based competition.

Stephone Allen, co-owner and founder of Vigor MVMNT, said the competition was a good opportunity for the gym to bring "likeminded people together.

“We want to educate, we want to encourage, and we want to empower people through fitness," said Allen.

Different events of the competition included running, pushups, jump rope, and barbell.

Allen said he wanted to create an event that mimics the feeling of "Homecoming" at the University of Missouri. The competition allows people of all ages to come back to their home gym to compete, as well as new people to get an experience of what their gym is about.

“We have a lot of students from here [the gym], and so, coming back for them is kind of homecoming," Allen said. "Being back at the gym, being back around their coaches and their friends is special."

One athlete who competed in Saturday's events said the idea was completely original for a gym.

“We invented the first Vigor Homecoming," said Lilian Stover. "No other gym can name homecoming now."

Stover competed with her friend from college, Elli Ross. The duo has enjoyed the opportunities offered at the event to meet new people.

“It’s really fun just to compete all together, and cheer each other on, and have that competitive scene as well," said Ross. 

Cash prizes of $500, $300, and $180 are given out to the top three teams with the best times of the day in various events. 

The gym also offers regular classes, but they hold specific events like this to allow people who don't attend classes to have a fitness experience. 

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