COLUMBIA - Tami Reynolds is in remission from breast cancer. 

Since 2019, Reynolds has put up pink Halloween decorations on her lawn to be an advocate for breast cancer awareness. 

Researchers in Washington State found that during 2020, breast cancer screenings went down by 58% and diagnostic mammograms fell by 38%. The study also said that a U.K. modeling study estimated that delayed and missed breast cancer screenings would likely increase breast cancer deaths from 7.9% to 9.6%.

This year, Reynolds said she wanted to go bigger and better with the decorations. 

"They'll slow down, roll down the window and say we love your decorations so that's pretty cool... If we're outside, they're honking and giving me a thumbs up," she said. 

Reynolds says that when trick-or-treaters come by on Halloween, she's outside to talk with parents about getting a mammogram screening.

"We'll be out here in our driveway on Halloween, passing out candy talking to people about breast cancer. We'll have our little fire pit out here and just have a great time," she said. 

Reynolds says that by sharing her story on social media, friends and family who got diagnosed with breast cancer have reached out to her. She said she works with them through the different stages of treatment. 

The CDC's breast cancer screening guidelines for women can be found here.

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