MARIES COUNTY − On Wednesday, the Maries County Sheriff's Office posted on Facebook and asked the community if there were any nonprofits or churches providing food in the area Thursday.

The Sheriff's Office said it wanted to provide Maries County inmates with a real Thanksgiving meal.

The community delivered. 

Just a few hours later, the Sheriff's Office posted photos of a trunk-load of food that the community dropped off. 

"They received a huge spread of homemade food, including dessert," a comment from the Sheriff's Office said.

"Thank you to everyone for jumping in and getting this done on short notice. We really appreciate your generosity and compassion for our inmates," the post read.

Many commenters were happy to see the Sheriff's Office kindness toward the inmates. Chief Scott John responded to one commenter's concern. 

"We understand your position on this. However, we are entrusted with their care and a lot of times inmates battle anxiety and depression due to isolation from loved ones. Receiving and enjoying a home cooked meal on Thanksgiving can make a dramatic impact to an inmate’s mental state," Chief John wrote. "Being responsible for their health mentally and physically is something we take seriously."

The inmates were able to enjoy the food around a table Thursday afternoon, while praying hand in hand. The Sheriff's Office was thankful for the community's generosity. 

"They may have committed a crime or two, but they are still people. We all have a lot to be thankful for," the post said.

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