Organizations including MU, Columbia Public Schools and others are making changes.

COLUMBIA — Multiple organizations have changed mask wearing and social distancing guidelines. 

This comes after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's new recommendations for fully vaccinated individuals and low case rates with an increasing vaccination rate in Boone County. 

"With more people receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, it will become safer for everyone to begin enjoying activities like school and community engagement in a more normal way," Columbia Mayor Brian Treece said. 
Columbia Public Schools is one of the organizations that has changed its guidelines. Masks will not be required in CPS buildings starting June 4. This includes summer school, which is scheduled to start on June 14.
Two students at Rock Bridge High School agreed it is the right decision for vaccinated students to have the choice to wear one. But there might be reasons to keep wearing them.
Leo Lancaster, a freshman at Rock Bridge, is going to continue wearing his mask.
"I think I will," Lancaster said. "I normally wear a K-95 mask because my dad has health issues, so I think I probably will until it's less of an issue."
Jackson Reed, a junior, is thinking about not continuing to wear one.
"I'm probably going to stop because I have been vaccinated," Reed said. "I personally think it is the right time."
The guidelines aren't just changing for CPS. MU and other local colleges, along with the City of Columbia and Boone County are changing their policies.
You can find exactly how these organizations are changing their policies below.
  • City of Columbia: Starting June 1, masks will no longer be required inside of city buildings. But, people not vaccinated are recommended to wear a masks though and socially distance. Seating will increase inside Council Chambers. Masks will still be required in the health department building and on public transportation. 
  • Boone County: Starting June 1, masks will no longer be required inside of county government buildings. But, people not vaccinated are recommended to wear a masks though and socially distance. Offices inside the Roger B. Wilson Boone County Government Center and the Boone County Annex can implement other requirements.
  • University of Missouri: Starting June 1, the University will change from masks and social distancing "required for all" to "recommended based on vaccination status and situation." MU will no longer require approval from Incident Command for events held on campus after June 1 and for summer classes at MU, the 6-feet distance between seats will remain but masks will become optional. 
  • Columbia Public Schools: Starting June 4, CPS will not require masks be worn inside or on school buses, including for summer school programs starting on June 14. Contract tracing and quarantine protocols will continue. Individuals who are fully vaccinated and have no COVID-19 symptoms will not have to quarantine. Vaccinations will also continue to be offered at the schools for interested and eligible students. 
  • Moberly Area Community College: Starting June 15, masks will not be required for people who are vaccinated. All classrooms and public areas will be adjusted to 3-feet distancing. Vaccinated employees will be able to schedule and attend in-person meetings and ride together in college vehicles.
  • Stephens College: The college is adjusting its mask policy to match the Columbia/Boone County Public Health and Human Services department. It encourages its community to self-report symptoms if necessary. 
  • Columbia College: Starting June 1, masks are optional for fully vaccinated people. The college previously announced its plan to resume regular operations effective Aug. 9, and in-person classes effective Aug. 30.