COLUMBIA - Columbia's Citizens Police Review Board held a meeting Wednesday night for the first time since an officer-involved shooting occurred in Columbia. 

The past couple of weeks have been filled with tragedy and unpredictable events throughout the city.

Since the last meeting, there has been a police shooting, both a Columbia Public Schools teacher and student have died and the state's vehicle stops report was released. All of these recent events have sparked interest from the community about what’s next.

Throughout the meeting, the board discussed police policy reform. Columbia Police Officer Tony Parker and Sgt. Scott Alpers sat in on the meeting to discuss what the department is doing.

Tony Parker was a member of the department's community outreach unit before being moved to his new position with diversity, equity and inclusion in April. Since he was moved he's reviewed 32 policies with many more to review.

The board did not discuss anything involving the recent shootings that took place.

"Anything with the criminal nature in it, that's not normally our jurisdiction," said Travis Pringle, head of the board. "But, if something happened during that investigation where a citizen believes there's a complaint that needs to be filed, that's where we would step in."

Pringle also talked about how important it is that members of the community should continue to be involved in these meetings in order for the best results possible.