BOONVILLE - According to the Boonville Police Department, four establishments failed alcohol sale compliance checks Saturday after selling liquor to minors.

The department listed La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant, The Palace, The Hotel Frederick and Casey's North as non-compliant.

Boonville PD said in two of the instances, employees did not ask the minor for identification when purchasing alcohol  In the other two instances, the employees did ask for identification but still sold them alcohol after they were provided the minor's identification.

Officers summoned four different employees for Supplying Intoxicating Liquor to a Minor. All four were given a date to appear in court. 

A spokesperson for the department said businesses should be aware of these compliance checks. 

“We want to keep everyone on their toes and stress the importance of remaining vigilant.  Whether you’re an owner, manager, cashier, bartender, etc., selling or allowing the sale of intoxicating liquor to a minor out of a local business is illegal and it’s something the Boonville Police Department will always address,” they said. 

Police said every other establishment with a license to sell alcohol was found compliant during the compliance checks.

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