COLUMBIA - The proposal to build a residential development area near Rock Bridge State Park was at the forefront of Monday night’s Columbia City Council meeting.

The proposed zoning was for a section of property located on the south side of Gans Road and the east side of Bearfield Road.

The plan calls for using the area as a single-family home complex with 113 residences.

Last month, the Columbia Planning and Zoning Commission rejected the rezoning proposal for the area.

There was strong support for both sides of the rezoning debate, as a number of citizens voiced their opinions during the public comment portion of the discussion.

One speaker said to the council “you are in a critical situation now” when making this decision.

Of the 17 speakers, all but three were in opposition of the development. 

There was no vote on the issue during the meeting.

Community-oriented policing program

During the meeting, the council also discussed the idea of a community-oriented policing program.

The Columbia Citizens Police Review Board first proposed the idea to Mayor Brian Treece last month.

The training hopes to help police officers within their first two years on the job to better understand the community they serve.

Columbia Police Officers’ Association President Matt Nicholls endorsed the training, saying that officers “want to do what is right for our community”

New recycling center approved

The city council also approved to move forward with a new recycling center. The center will be located at the Parks and Recreation Management Center at Cosmo Park.

There will be four receptacles for both fibers and containers costing $30,000. The council said the additional center will help relieve overflow from the other recycling centers in Columbia. 

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