PETTIS COUNTY- John Fizer, the father of a woman who was shot and killed by an on-duty Deputy, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit in Pettis County.

Hannah Fizer, 25, was shot and killed in Sedalia in June 2020 after a Pettis County Deputy pulled her over. Early reports indicated that Hannah told the deputy she had a gun and would shoot him, though no gun was found in her vehicle. 

John filed a wrongful death lawsuit in Pettis County on Wednesday, seeking damages against the Deputy. It argues the shooting was unjustified, an excessive use of force was used and that the Deputy did not follow several standard law enforcement protocols during the stop, according to KSHB. John also says the Deputy failed to deescalate the situation. 

In September 2020, special prosecutor Stephen Sokoloff said the shooting was justified. He mentioned that the absence of body camera footage did make the decision more difficult. 

The Deputy was placed on leave, but returned to the force in October 2020.

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