Missouri increases hourly minimum wage rate in 2021

Missouri has raised the hourly minimum wage rate to $10.30 in 2021, starting Jan. 1. This is an 85 cent increase from the hourly minimum wage of $9.45 in 2020.

Missouri’s minimum wage increased to $9.45 per hour at the beginning of 2020 as part of a five-year series of raises approved by Missouri voters in 2018. The minimum wage will increase each year until it hits $12 an hour in 2023.

Mid-Missouri starts the New Year with a winter storm

Mid-Missouri started the new year with a winter storm that started Thursday and continued into Friday.

Some people woke up to fallen tree branches in their front yard.

Boonville resident Charles Jackson said all the ice on his trees' branches is causing them to hang low or even break.

Head of Missouri Veterans Commission resigns after COVID-19 report

The chairman of the Missouri Veterans Commission has resigned after releasing an investigative report that criticized the commission for not reacting more quickly to the COVID-19 pandemic.

More than 140 COVID-19 deaths have been reported at the state's seven veteran nursing homes.

Crews treat roads overnight

On Thursday, mid-Missouri roads crews were anxious over pre-treating ahead of the storm.

Friday morning, crews said the night went well. 

"Overall, mother nature was kinder to us than we had anticipated," said Jason Shafer, an engineer with the Missouri Department of Transportation. "She still wasn't overly pleasant, but not as assertive as what we had feared."

Today's First Alert Weather Forecast

Road conditions are still not ideal as temperatures will likely not warm above freezing all day. Afternoon flurries will not help, either.

Light snow showers are possible this afternoon, mainly along and south of I-70 & along and east of HWY 63. Only a dusting will accumulate on grassy, elevated & untouched surfaces.

Clouds will decrease this evening as the snow moves out of Mid-MO, and we should see more sun and warmer temperatures tomorrow that will assist in melting.

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