LAKE OF THE OZARKS − A Hickory County man has been charged in relation to Thursday night's deadly shooting on the Bagnell Dam Strip at the Lake of the Ozarks. 

Miller County Prosecuting Attorney Benjamin Winfrey has charged Tonka Way-Con Ponder, 51, with first degree assault and armed criminal action following the shooting that left one dead and at least four others injured.

A probable cause statement says the Highway Patrol was able to obtain surveillance video, which showed a fight outside the Casablanca Pub and Grill between members of "opposing motorcycle clubs" around 7:45 p.m.

The video showed someone described as B.C., retrieving  a gun and pointing it at Ponder, who at the time was actively fighting with another person. Ponder then drew his own weapon and shot B.C.

B.C. died of his injuries at the scene. 

The statement says in the moments following the first round of fire, multiple gunshots were exchanged between members of the clubs, resulting in both Ponder and another person, described as D.K., being struck and falling to the ground. 

The video shows Ponder laying on the front deck of Casablanca, reloading his firearm, the statement said. After he reloaded, another man, described as T.C., is seen walking on Bagnell Dam Boulevard, with both hands in the air.

As T.C. walked in front of the bar, Ponder can be seen presenting his handgun through the spindled portion of the desk railing and firing a shot, according to the probable cause statement.

T.C. was struck as he walked away, the statement said.

The probable cause statement says the video "clearly shows a recoil and muzzleflash coming from Ponder's firearm, just as the man is seemingly struck by a projectile."

Law enforcement has not yet released the name of the deceased and those injured. 

On Friday, the Lake Ozark Police Public Information Officer (PIO) told KOMU 8 the department believes it was a "rival motorcycle gang fight" which led to the shooting. The PIO said this has "never happened here before" and it "isn't something the city ever sees."

The case is being investigated by the Missouri State Highway Patrol.